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One O'Clock Tomorrow Lyrics

The song One O'Clock Tomorrow is performed by FM in the album named Black Noise in the year 1992 .

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Days are long, far beyond...

Centuries have pa*sed in moments
The futures we have seen
A million stars now lost to memory
Where we have planted seed.

To live To live in the depths of space
A life A life that will never end
Alone Alone in a place without time
In the same way I still

Dream Dream of our homeland far
Away Away in the past we knew
Somewhere Somewhere in the vastness and void
Will we always travel

Within a ship of mind and metal
The sun has never shone
Along the many halls and pathways
The wind has blown.

Along the way though some remain
There are many who still search on
A hidden voice within us calling
And leading us back home.

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FM - Black Noise

Black Noise
May 1992
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