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Erene Lyrics

Erini Erini who Erini who
Erini who' s behind that tree
First this one then that one too
Oh, what will they think of you
Kiss one then kissing two
Hoping they will marry you

You, You' re much too young
You' re much too young
It is in Rome to fall in love
Don' t run,girl ,you' ll run astray
True love will come your way
You' ll find it one fine day
You' ll find it if you pray

Life is full of fun, Erini
Give your heart to none, Erini
Till you find the one, Erini
Who will love you strong, Erini

Erini Erini where Erini where
Erini where again you' ll be
You' re still keeping company
There behind the orange tree
If you' re with someone new
Who will be left to marry you

You, You' re doing wrong
You' re doing wrong
Girl, after boy should never run
There' s only one thing to do
Let the boys run after you
Ever since the time began
Woman always got her man

Repeat ****


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