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Da Symphony Remix Lyrics

Monstablokaz baby
Is the remix,
Is the remix,
Is the remix,
Yea,let's go

Chorus (2x)
O-ole ole olei,
o-ole ole olei,
O-ole ole olei,
is the remix,

Let me write that shit,
Recite that shit,
Bite that shit,
And you might get rich,
Da unbeatables hype that shit,
Say woop-woop if you like that shit,
Go woop-woop ring me alarm,
Raptile Remix,
ya'll singin the song,
Rapstyle creep sick,
I finish you off,
Quicker than a minute man,
In it, finishin broads,
When I get involved,
It's pure satisfaction,
When I get in war,
I'm furious bastards,
DJ cut the sound,
We knock you the f**k out,
Spitin the grammar,
Rippin the jam out,
I shit on the glamour,
Straight hittin my fans,
Da kid is bananaz,
Biminishin ya'll,
Everybody is singin along,


Who dat,

(Da Lioness)
Let me write that shit,
Recite that shit,
It ain't even possible to fight that shit,
Monstablokaz hype that shit,
Say woop-woop if u like that shit,
Is da symphony,
Our style will be stretched like a limousine,
Who's down wit da Monstaz,
sing wit me bring the heat,
(It's the remix o-ole),
Say what,
(O-ole olei),
Okey all u bitches wanna play,
Okay I'mma crash ya a*s,
Like a dummy lookin funny,
gettin smashed in tests,
Girlfight that bitch,
Recycle that bitch,
Don't even need to be tight on that bicth,
It's Da Lioness,
And i'll whipe that bitch,
I throw them bows,
'cause I don't like that bitch

Chorus (2x)

Mercury baby,
Flatline baby,
Oh oh oh oh

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