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Fight Back Lyrics

I know you're happy I'm back right,
I want you to put your hands up,
This shit is crazy,
Guess who's back,
I'd like to welcome ya'll,
it's the new album,
Mozez baby

We fight back (4x)

Verse 1
It's Rap-tilly,tilly,
Mozez baby,
I'm back in this bitch,
flow is crazy,
It's so amazing,
I done did it,
We had none wit it,
Be sons,
Tongue run vividly,
I tongue-gun critics,
We literally,fridgin' your lips
Be quiet,
We riot,
Any time,any place,any where,any how,
Monstablokaz,we all solders,
Never give up we all focused,
plus I don't need splash hip-hop open,
Rock a ski mask,
Keep hip-hop open,
I know you love my style,
f**k you I hate your style

Ya know it ain't over,
We fight like a soldier,
Ya know we take over,
We fight like I told ya

We fight back (4x)


Verse 2
If shit's too hard,
You're too soft,
Trust f**kers I ain't fallin off,
I've been in it a minute,
at Rap wars I'm winnin,
at Rap bars I'm killin them,
Act hard on the internet,
That's all,
I'm grinnin and finish them last thoughts,
I won't lose,
And I'll never back off,
We pitbullin' in ya club,
Always stay busy like bullets in the hood,
Peace then it's peace,
Beef than it's beef,
Halfhearted rappers,
Stop beefin with me,
Actin like they wanna meet in the streets,
I ain't buyin it,
like Bushido CD's
I know you love my style,
f**k you I hate your style



Bridge (3x)
That's how we fight back if you want beef

Verse 3
Lioness fight back,
Cronite fight back,
Polique fight back,
We won't stop,
Still nice flows,
Still maestro,
Call right here like my name's Mike Jones,
Everybody watchin listenin and y'all,
My first single's never be sissy songs,
Say it loud Monstablokaz,
Say it loud Monstablokaz,
I know you love my style...

Chorus (2x)

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