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Air Pocket Lyrics

The song Air Pocket is performed by Roger Powell in the album named Air Pocket in the year 2006 .

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See yourself as a child reaching out
In search of a landmark to guide your way
Put yourself to the test, the trial by fire
'Cause it's the only way, the only way
The future in balance on a high wire
'Cross a valley of stars
Makes you dizzy so don't look down
Just keep on walking towards the other side
After centuries of history's unfolding madness
The force of nature tempering the human race
We ain't got it right yet, but we can still
Turn the whole thing around,
Get ready for the new crusade
I will be your landmark
Show you the way when the path is lost
Secrets all revealed
And if we band together
The universe we'll measure
Knowledge that we hold in trust is our battle shield

"Air Pocket

(see Utopia's Oops! Wrong Planet)

"Emergency Splashdown

Warning light flashes
Emergency splashdown
It's every man for himself now
Too late to send out for help now
Can't find the horizon
My thoughts are capsizing
Then the beam of truth shining clear
Cuts through cloudy skies of doubt and despair
And the pathway beneath your feet
Will lead us on to solar mystique
Temperature's rising
Each moment it's climbing
Strapped into this hotseat
I can't take the heat now
Life chain unwinding with split-second timing
Let the power return to my hands
Let it be in your own to command
All illusions will melt like ice-cubes
When at last, we master the past

"Morning Chorus

"March of the Dragonslayers


"Sands of Arrakis

"Dragons 'n' Griffins" / "Mr. Triscuits Theme

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Roger Powell - Air Pocket

Air Pocket
Aug 2006
  1. Lunar Plexus
  2. Landmark
  3. Air Pocket
  4. Windows
  5. Emergency Splashdown
  6. Morning Chorus
  7. March Of The Dragonslayers
  8. Prophecy
  9. Sands of Arrakis
  10. Dragons "N' Griffins/Mr Triscuits Theme
  11. Pipeline '76