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Goodbye To New Orleans Lyrics

It almost kills me to realize that
I almost held you tight
You said New Orleans is where Im goin
And its just about time
Ill leave the faces, all the lonely places
Ill leave it all behind
I just shrug my shoulders, cause its gettin colder
In Mississippi tonight
No one understands what it feels like
To touch an angels hand
I hope your tears dont cry out the window
And dont look back, my love
They say everybody has somebody
They can grow old with
Well if thats true, then why is she leaving?
Why is she leaving rain clouds on my heart?
Im on my bed now, thinking about
You and everything I said
Dont leave me here
Dont say Goodbye
Cause youre in my heart
Where youll always stay
Where youll always stay, hey, hey
Come back to me
I am tired and I am broken
But Im willing to wait for you
Heres my last chance to let you know that
I love you and do you love me?
That summer was the greatest ever
I wished it never would have ended
When I looked at you and you looked at me
Just for once, Id like to know what it means to be free
You said New Orleans is where youre going
And its just about time
I never told you, but I will now
I think I love you

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