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New York In The Winter Lyrics

You say dont worry, Ill be fine
Well the tears on your face tell me other wise
Its your unanswered questions that I cant explain
But Ill keep fighting for you
Instead of crying youd rather sing
Only the lighter notes of this symphony
So Ill protect you, I wont let you fall
And Ill keep fighting for you
So wont you take my hand tonight
And lets leave this town before it gets too late
Hey, I see city lights up ahead
New York has never been so bright
We were kids, what did we almost know?
That in the end wed follow through?
Your voice was strained from alcohol
Yet, I understood every word
You said hey boy, its not too late
For you to come and take me away
Matter of fact, Id rather leave right now
Cause Im tired of walking with the crowd
Its strange to see what youve become
When I think about leaving New York
Its a city of dreams that I always dreamed
That I could be a part of

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