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Love Is Love Lyrics

Love is love so my team we’ll never give up.
Love is love on my knees for the lord above.
Love is love cos it makes hearts fly like dust.
Love is love we don’t spread it enough.

[verse 1]
What you love would you die for
All your flashing nice
All you want is lugshury you got to get ya mind right
Would you die for your people would you take a life
You want interest recreided but you’ll pay ya price
Would you die for these drugs alkhols or lose
Would you die for your knees spend the lord to bus
Would you die for your mum do you love her enough
All the breeth that your living cos life is tough
Wot love in been a dome with you power and all
But wot ya power going to do when judgement call
We try find some horror all we do is fall
Is like we love to sin or curupt out soul

[Corus x2(Till Fade) ]

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