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  2. Andre Rieu (Coll) (SPKG)

Andre Rieu (Coll) (SPKG) (2007)

The album Andre Rieu (Coll) (SPKG) is released by Andre Rieu in the year 2007 .

  1. Without Worries Polka, Op.271
  2. On the Beautiful, Blue Danube, Waltz Op.314
  3. Entrance March
  4. Lagoon Waltz
  5. Carnival Of Venice
  6. Love Songs, Waltz Op.114
  7. Tales From the Vienna Woods, Waltz Op.325
  8. Emperor Waltz, Op.437
  9. Vienna Bon-Bons, Waltz Op.307
  10. Voices Of Spring, Waltz Op.410
  11. Morning Papers, Waltz Op.279
  12. Cachucha-Galopp, Op.97
  13. Radetzky-March, Op.228
  14. Roses From the South, Waltz Op.388
  15. Miene Vogel Is Trok
  16. Medley: Bel Canto Suite: Vorpsiel/Barcarole/habanera/Toreador/Gefangenenchor/Soldatenchor/Triumphmarsch
  17. Moulinet Polka, Op.57
  18. Tritsch Tratsch Polka, Op.214
  19. Die Hande Zum Himmel
  20. Die Fledermaus Waltz, Op.367

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