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Anne Murray

Anne Murray was born on 20 Jun 1945 in Springhill, Nova Scotia. Her birth name was Morna Anne Murray. Her is also called anne-murray.

Morna Anne Murray, CC, ONS is a Grammy Award-winning Canadian singer. Murray has performed in Pop, Country and Adult Contemporary styles. So far, her albums have sold over 54 million copies.Murray was the first Canadian female solo singer to reach #1 on the U.S. charts, and also the first to earn a gold record for one of her signature songs, "Snowbird" (1970).

Anne Murray released the following albums including Anne Murray - Greatest Hits (1990), Croonin' (1993), Christmas Wishes (1994), The Best...So Far (1994), Love Songs (1995), My Christmas Favorites (1995), The Best of the Season (1995), Now & Forever (1995), Let's Keep It That Way/New Kind of Feeling (1999), Together/Keeping in Touch (1999), Love Song/Highly Prized Possession (1999), Straight, Clean & Simple/Talk It Over in the Morning (1999), What a Wonderful World: 26 Inspirational Classics (1999), I'll Always Love You/Somebody's Waiting (2000), What a Wonderful Christmas (2001), The Ultimate Anne Murray (2001), Country Croonin' (2002), All of Me (2005), Ultimate Collection (2005), I'll Be Seeing You (2006), 36 All-Time Greatest Hits (2006), Greatest Hits (2006), Where Do You Go When You Dream/Hottest Night of the Year (2007), An Intimate Evening with Anne Murray (2007), Anne Murray (2007), There's a Hippo in My Tub (2007) and Anne Murray's Christmas Album (2008).

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  1. If It's All Right With You
  2. Sunday Sunrise
  3. Out On The Road
  4. Part-Time Love
  5. The Call
  6. Everything Old Is New Again
  7. Lady Bug
  8. Player In The Band
  9. Blue Finger Lou
  10. Together
  11. Things
  12. Caress Me Pretty Music
  13. Dancin' All Night Long
  14. Sweet Music Man
  15. Sunday School To Broadway
  16. Shine
  17. Lay Me Down
  18. Golden Oldie
  19. A Million More
  20. Carolina Sun
  1. Love Song
  2. Just One Look
  3. Another Pot O' Tea
  4. Children of My Mind
  5. Real Emotion
  6. Watching the River Run
  7. Backstreet Lovin'
  8. Son of a Rotten Gambler
  9. You Won't See Me
  10. Send a Little Love My Way
  11. Dream Lover
  12. Slow Fall
  13. Lullaby
  14. Saved by the Grace of Your Love
  15. When We Both Had the Time to Love
  16. Day Tripper
  17. Lift Your Hearts to the Sun
  18. Uproar
  19. Highly Prized Possession
  20. Please Don't Sell Nova Scotia
  1. Blessed Are the Believers
  2. It Should Have Been Easy
  3. If a Heart Must Be Broken
  4. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
  5. It's All I Can Do
  6. We Don't Have to Hold Out
  7. Another Sleepless Night
  8. Where Do You Go When You Dream
  9. Call Me with the News
  10. Only Only
  11. Hottest Night of the Year
  12. Fallin' in Love (Fallin' Apart)
  13. Somebody' Always Saying Goodbye
  14. Easy Does It
  15. Hey! Baby!
  16. Ain't No Way to Rise Above (Falling in Love)
  17. Heart on the Line
  18. They Don't Call It Magic for Nothing
  19. That'll Keep Me Dreamin'
  20. Song for the Mira
Anne Murray
Jan 2007
  1. That's The Way It Goes
  2. That's What My Love Is For
  3. What Would It Take
  4. Me Too
  5. I Know Too Much
  6. Fools Like Me
  7. Trust Me Baby, This Is Love
  8. The Other Side
  9. Until I Was Loved By You
  10. Highway, Highway
  11. Shame On Me
  12. Missing You
  13. Good Again