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Angry, Young and Poor Lyrics

He knows he'll be alone tonight
While contemplating, 'What can I do?'
Lack of hope leaves him feeling violent
Its not that he's looking for a fight, it's just...

He don't know where to turn
More stress than help, from home and school
And on the streets his life's out of control...

Angry Young and Poor
Angry Young and Pissed
Angry and no one cares

Just the phase, 'You better shut up!' and, 'You're going no where!'
She never even had a chance
Mental, s*xual, physical violence
Not once she heard an encouraging word

And so her life became something, so out of control...
Her sad stories, all left untold

Angry Young and Poor
Angry Young and Pissed
Angry and no one cares
Don't know where to turn

Don't know what to do...
Politicians talk it up, about their love, for the USA's youth
Every excuse, every excuse...

But when it comes time to put up, their rhetoric falls back on every excuse

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