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I'm Having a Good Day Lyrics

Watching TV talk shows is a lot of fun.
people who are shooting guns
I like it when they always have on
Inbred couples from West Virginia,
inbred people, who want to kill you!
I saw a story about a man
and his wife was f**king her mother...

who was f**king his daughter,

it was the kind of thing
that'd make you want to shoot up!
Tonight's gonna be a really good time
and get really f**king high
I'll shoot some guns,
I'm gonna go out
you know I'll probably end up
I'll drive around in my car,
at the f**king bar
get real high,
And while I'm there I'm gonna,
I'm gonna kick some a*s,
I'm gonna f**k shit up!!!!
I'll kick you in your f**king teeth

if you get in my way... because
and I don't want you there!
You've got your hand holding
No, you'll
Be at home watching your TV set
your f**king d**k,
and you're cumming
in your f**king mouth... O.K.

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