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No More Dead Lyrics

The song No More Dead is performed by Anti-Flag in the album named Die for the Government in the year 1997 .

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why don't you come over here and see what you have created it'll make =
you laugh so hard you'll cry and lookin' into the black you made me so =
far past sick lookin' into your eyes i wish you'd die. no more dead (x2) =
well i've seen the crosses burnt and holy and the people they all come =
down they're screaming, "hey man, it's a fix!" and i looked into the =
cause in which, you were striving towards; and i thought, thought of the =
wasted, wasted youth... no more dead (x2) he's lying all alone. his life =
is stolen, yes it's gone into the black of night can't you see it was no =
fault of his own trapped into a ghetto, bred into a slum, killing his =
own instead of rich white men and he's never gonna escape from it now, =
because it's over, and he's dead the end.
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Anti-Flag - Die for the Government