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Still On It Remix Lyrics

[Irv Gotti]
There can only be one, Ashanti... Murder Inc.

yeah n-y-m-o ft. ashanti
ah ah
baby come and let me give you what you need
its nymo from D.R. to the BX here
im with my baby ashanti in the remix yeah
i used to listen her from my house to the beach
and i desire her cause she is my queen baby baby
yeah still on it

[Ashanti: (Verse 1)]
See i don't know why (why)
I'm feelin' just the way i do (do)
It's been a long time (time)
I thought that i was over you, but now you're coming around again
I'll be remembering what you said
I just can't take it, and i don't wanna go back, oh no.

tell me what you gon' do, if she's still on it, yes
If she done been there before with you, and now she don't want it, yeah
We've spent time and time again.
I just wish this thing would end.
Tell me, what she is supposed to do, if she's still on it.

[Verse 2:]
Whenever we talk (talk)
It feels like we had somethin' strong (strong)
And knowin' it's wrong, we tried to do this thing before, but when you coming real close to me
Bringing back all of them memories
I just can't fake it, but i don't wanna go back, oh no.


(ashanti) this is the remix yeah
oh oh and you gonna do it more
you spend time and time again you just wish this thing would end if im still on it
yeah ah ah remix
wit nymo ah the inc yeah
is for life yeah

[fades out]

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