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Sugar Shack, The - (skit) Lyrics

Charlie, how long I've got to stand on this stage
Before I get them shut?
You gonna make me come over in now
Get it right!
Woo, yea yea, ha ha
This beautiful, beautiful evening
We are inside the wonderful, the wonderful Sugar Shack
Here in beautiful Jackson, Mississippi
I am your host for this evening, the one the only Jethro Johnson
Yo' man kneelin' behind the trailer
Oh, I see you Shorty, what's up? How you doin', baby? Woo
It's a fine evening tonight. We gonna' do it real, real night
For you ladies and gentlemen tonight
I've got a fine treat for you tonight, for you fifteen people in here tonight
Settle down, settle down
What I got for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen?
Here at The Sugar Shack, is the one, the only, the beautiful, the talented
Miss Ashanti}

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