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Call Me Up Lyrics

Call me Up

You came to me- a shadow in the Night
a Love Connection hiding from the Light
In Darkness here again-true Agents of the Wind
Conspiracy is never out of-never out of sight.

WeÂ'll rendezvouz in Paris or L.A
In secret Bars or in Midnight Cafes
Beneath the Velvet Moon
the time will pa*s real soon
before we part I have to say to you

Call me Up-
Right away
IÂ'll do anything you want or say
Secret Love
Hidden Doors
And the Night Time will become our Day
Let me into your Heart-promise me that weÂ'll never part.
Only you know that I am your undercover Love.

In Gaslight avenues we have our Fun-
With Jungle Heat-and tigers on the Run
Is Life too short to play-
The secret Agent Way-
Can Lovers on the Airways be as one

Call me up...

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