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Live (2006)

The album Live is released by Barry Manilow in the year 2006 .

  1. Riders To The Stars (Live)
  2. Why Don't We Live Together (Live)
  3. Looks Like We Made It (Live)
  4. Let Me Go (Live)
  5. A Very Strange Medley (V.S.M.) (Live)
  6. I Am Your Child (Live)
  7. Jump Shout Boogie Medley (Live)
  8. This One's For You (Live)
  9. Lay Me Down (Live)
  10. Weekend In New England (Live)
  11. Studio Musician (Live)
  12. New York City Rhythm (Live)
  13. Beautiful Music (Part I) (Live)
  14. Daybreak (Live)
  15. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again (Live)
  16. Lady Flash Medley (Live)
  17. Beautiful Music (Part II) (Live)
  18. One Of These Days (Live)
  19. Could It Be Magic/Mandy (Live)
  20. It's A Miracle (Live)
  21. It's Just Another New Year's Eve (Live)
  22. I Write The Songs (Live)
  23. Beautiful Music (Part III) (Live)

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