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Split Lip Envy Lyrics

I'm just a token of your flirtation
Nothing more than a description
You're just a guy,
just a kid from a place where your philosophy is a catastrophe
Wake up split lip, you're not that cool
Put your words in quotes then call yourself Vegan
Turn up, off, on your stupid song and sing
Words about the things you know
and what you think you have to show her
As for myself, I think it's obvious that I'm envious of you
Tell me now what you've got to look forward to
I hear they're hiring at the dairy queen
Your whole story has been a disappointment
Your poetry is just a joke to me
Anything and everything about the affection
That you get when what you've got then
10 times 42, what's that got to do with anything this song's about
This jealousy I'll do without
Where am I in this fairytale,
this nightingale counters what I had in mind
and leaves me depressed and despised

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