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Tired of Not Being Away From Here Lyrics

flush out the devils eyes. they say he owns the tide. he's happy to prove them right. (he's only 10% water weight!) to flush out the devils eyes (i've been treading) you might need the sea to rise (for too long).
"i've got a reason for my actions." "we're all ears we'd like to know." you'll find that gravity pulls you faster after you let go.
you have no need whispering. you feel the need to be free. false oppressive safety ("you're such a bully!"-K) from your own weight you suffocate.
you're either selfish or you're pa*sive,"wait! mine!" they share a blade when carving up your soul,"please pa*s the knife." gravity pulls you harder in directions you first go.
the current is still.or a hesitant calm.a storm is never far away. a fortune(teller) never guesses with cash beyond her arm. let's raise a gla*s to your sobriety, propriety; your hypocracy knows bounds farther than mine. so hows it feel to pull a watergate, to be ahead and think you're far behind? you know we still need an apology, apology, you'd free yourself if you'd admit your crimes. just choose a cave and go and hibernate, bi-polar bear reprisal, reprieved.

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