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We're Not Paying For Anything Anymore Lyrics

you won't spend a minute to try to comprehend, so you will waste a million dollars in a puppet's hand.
giving nothing but our best, so we expect consideration.
we'll take the role of starving artist if you don't brag and show off to friends; you can carry on immoral horror and pretend you're still human.
you should have been caught- degradation needs company or at least the air fare.
weak heart beats need saving, strong ones need some space. dim lights need more energy, we're just one light switch away.
consider this- you've got us in this mess, you've taken us out of our element. we'll wait for fruit of labor's harvest and just pray it doesn't take too long.
we're buried to our necks! are you done with us yet? or will we choke on more? are you done with us yet??
"you've signed your name and you're stuck with us, now you're regretting it?"-A
"you've got a square where a circle is, is that how your puzzle fits?"-B
"you bite the hand that is feeding you? you dumb ungrateful kids!"-A
"we'd rather starve if that's the way it is."-B "well, that's quite alright!"-A

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