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Ben Harper

Ben Harper was born on 28 Oct 1969 in Claremont, California, USA. His birth name was Benjamin Chase Harper. His is also called Ben Harper.

He is a musician and two-time Grammy Awards winner, known for his guitar-playing skills, vocals and his activism.He formed a new band in 2008, Relentless7.Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 performed the closing concert of the 30th Montreal International Jazz Fest in front of over 100,000 spectators.

Ben Harper released the following albums including Welcome to the Cruel World (1994), Fight for Your Mind (1995), The Will to Live (1997), Burn to Shine (1999), CD Box Collection (2000), Live from Mars (2001), Diamonds on the Inside (2003), Live at the Hollywood Bowl (2003), Both Sides of the Gun (2006) and Lifeline (2007).

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  1. Faded
  2. Homeless Child
  3. Number One
  4. Roses From My Friends
  5. Jah Work
  6. I Want to Be Ready
  7. The Will to Live
  8. Ashes
  9. Widow of a Living Man
  10. Glory & Consequence
  11. Mama's Trippin'
  12. I Shall Not Walk Alone
  13. The Three of Us
  14. Whipping Boy
  15. Breakin' Down
  16. Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave
  17. Waiting on an Angel
  18. Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now
  19. Forever
  20. Like a King
  21. Pleasure and Pain
  22. Walk Away
  23. How Many Miles Must We March
  24. Welcome to the Cruel World
  25. I'll Rise
  26. Oppression
  27. Ground on Down
  28. Another Lonely Day
  29. Please Me Like You Want To
  30. Gold to Me
  31. Burn One Down
  32. Excuse Me Mr.
  33. People Lead
  34. Fight for Your Mind
  35. Give a Man a Home
  36. By My Side
  37. Power of the Gospel
  38. God Fearing Man
  39. One Word to Fredom
Live from Mars
Mar 2001
  1. Glory & Consequence (Live)
  2. Excuse Me Mr. (Live)
  3. Alone (Live)
  4. Sexual Healing (Live)
  5. Woman In You (Live)
  6. Ground On Down (Live)
  7. Steal My Kisses (Live)
  8. Burn One Down (Live)
  9. Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now (Live)
  10. Welcome To The Cruel World (Live)
  11. Forgiven (Live)
  12. Faded/Whole Lotta Love (Medley) (Live)
  13. Waiting On An Angel (Live)
  14. Roses From My Friends (Live)
  15. Power Of The Gospel (Live)
  16. Pleasure And Pain (Live)
  17. Please Bleed (Live)
  18. The Drugs Don't Work (Live)
  19. In The Lord's Arms (Live)
  20. Not Fire, Not Ice (Live)
  21. Beloved One (Live)
  22. Number Three (Live)
  23. Walk Away (Live)
  24. Another Lonely Day (Live)
  25. Like A King/I'll Rise (Medley) (Live)
  1. Brown Eyed Blues (Hollywood Bowl) (Live)
  2. With My Own Two Hands/ War (Hollywood Bowl) (Live)
  3. Sexual Healing (Hollywood Bowl) (Live)
  4. Amen Omen (Hollywood Bowl) (Live)