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Ultimate Collection (2002)

The album Ultimate Collection is released by Bill Withers in the year 2002 .

  1. Who Is He (And What Is He To You)
  2. Aint No Sunshine
  3. Lovely Day
  4. Just The Two Of Us (With Grover Washington Jr)
  5. The Best You Can
  6. Grandmas Hands
  7. Ill Be With You
  8. Lonely Town / Lonely Street
  9. My Imagination
  10. Let Us Love
  11. Friend Of Mine
  12. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
  13. I Dont Want You On My Mind
  14. Make Love To Your Mind
  15. Hello Like Before
  16. I Want To Spend The Night
  17. Oh Yeah
  18. All Because Of You
  19. In The Name Of Love (With Ralph McDonald)
  20. Lean On Me
  21. Use Me
  22. Harlem
  23. Dont It Make It Better
  24. I Wish You Well
  25. Watching You Watching Me
  26. Kissing My Love
  27. It Aint Because Of Me Baby
  28. Tender Things
  29. Dont Make Me Wait
  30. You Just Cant Smile It Away
  31. Steppin Right Along
  32. You Try To Find A Love
  33. Lovely Day (Seven Inch Sunshine Mix)
  34. Aint No Sunshine (Seven Inch Total Eclipse Mix)
  35. Harlem Eighty Nine (Extended Remix)