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Remixed & Reimagined (2007)

The album Remixed & Reimagined is released by Billie Holiday in the year 2007 .

  1. I Hear Music (Swingsett & Takuya's Mighty Fine Remix)
  2. More Than You Know (Jazzeem's Throwback Remix)
  3. Spreadin' Rhythm Around (Lady Bug vs. Lady Day RR Remix)
  4. Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix)
  5. Trav'lin' All Alone (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix)
  6. He Ain't Got Rhythm (Poppyseed Remix)
  7. Summertime (Organica Remix)
  8. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) (Madison Park Remix)
  9. Glad To Be Unhappy (DJ Logic Remix)
  10. Billie's Blues (Daniel Y Remix)
  11. You're So Desirable (Sunday People Remix)
  12. Pennies From Heaven (Count De Money Remix)
  13. But Beautiful (Tony Humphries THP Remix)
  14. All Of Me