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  2. Reunion [2-CD SET]

Reunion [2-CD SET] (1998)

The album Reunion [2-CD SET] is released by Black Sabbath in the year 1998 .

  1. War Pigs (Live)
  2. Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Live)
  3. N.I.B. (Live) [Explicit]
  4. Fairies Wear Boots (Video for EVS 41588/Live)
  5. Electric Funeral (Live)
  6. Sweet Leaf (Live)
  7. Spiral Architect (Live) [Explicit]
  8. Into The Void (Live)
  9. Snowblind (Live)
  10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Live)
  11. Orchid/Lord Of This World (Live)
  12. Dirty Women (Live)
  13. Black Sabbath (Live)
  14. Iron Man (Live)
  15. Children Of The Grave (Live)
  16. Paranoid (Album Version)
  17. Psycho Man (Album Version)
  18. Selling My Soul (Album Version)

Reunion [2-CD SET] CD Cover Photo