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Stability Lyrics

Hey, I don't feel so good lately
I wake up with the thought of you penetrating my head
Instead I wanna fill my bed with thoughts of us
Joined at the heart like we were at the start

You left me talking to myself, underneath the weather
No good-bye kiss or long love letter
Don't orchestrate my life
Just be-bop

Must I take pills for stability?
With you I can hardly speak
Must I confess to the stress that I feel?
(Yes, you must)

You take me right to the edge
You take me right to the edge
I need some more of your time
I'm not trying to be funny

If you think, I'm a joke you got another thing coming
When your orders came by phone, today, I'm not alone
I heard you, but what did you say?
So now you're talking to yourself

Do ya like it?
Well, do you like it any better?
Don't orchestrate my life
Just be-bop

If you are so sophisticated
Why am I still denigrated when I should be venerated?
I'm sick and tired of repudiation where upon
Your orchestration leads to endless complication
And causes me great consternation

Cha, cha, cha
You love to dance but you maintain, you're not romantic
Bla, bla, bla
You love to talk but I'm still out here stranded

La, la, la
You love to sing but don't you know a different key?
Ha, ha, ha
If I'm your last laugh, are you sure the joke's on me?

You don't have to "Hubby love" me
Don't try to chubby, shove me
You don't have to tell me, I'm your ultimate honey
Medicinal value, na-na-natural cure, don't analyze the 98% pure

Value for value with no medicinal taste
He should had a license for that thing below his waist
Don't ya know the leash laws?
Sittin' on a seesaw, hanging out with bull dogs and a*sorted pit frogs

Put him down if ya don't know where he's been
Pick him up if he's looking too thin
Don't inhale or derail or curtail
My train of thoughts overwrought, can't be bought

You got me talkin' to myself
Sweating in my sweater, underneath the weather
No good-bye kiss or long love letter
Don't orchestrate my life, just be-bop

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