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Good For Me Lyrics

She's no good at being phony
She never tells a good lie
She knows just when to let me be
She always knows when I'm too high
She's never out in front of me
Or way too for
Too for behind
She's always right beside me
Right in the good place all the time
She's so good for me
So good for me
She's so good for me

Good for me yeah
Oh, and when I call her at midnight
Oh, the lady she knows just what to say
She says the words I long to hear
Oh yeah,'couse that's her way
She knows just what to say
To make me want to stay 'cause that's her way

She's good for me
Oh, so good for me
She's sure enough good for me yeah
So good so good so good she's so good for me oh yeah
She's so good for me
Oh the lady
She's so good for me
Good for me

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