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I've Got A Thing About Trains Lyrics

I get a sad kind of feeling
When I see a pa*senger train
In this fast movin' world we live in
Nobody rides them much these days

Oh, maybe I'm just sentimental
'Cause I know that things have to change
But I still like to go for a train ride
'Cause I've got a thing about trains

Train, train, train, you're out of place these days
But you've had your days of glory, train, train, train

Train, they say you're too slow for travelin'
But I'm gonna miss you some day
When my little boy says
"Daddy, what was it like to ride a train?"

I'll say it was a good way to travel
When things didn't move quite so fast
And I'm sorry that you can't ride one
But trains are the thing of the past

Train, train, train, you're fading from the scene
But I'm gonna mourn your pa*sing, train, train, train

So if you're tired of people and buildings
Weary of worry and strain
Then you ought to go on a train ride
And look out the window at things

Go for a ride down to Memphis
The night train is still right on time
But I read in the papers this mornin'
Next week they're gonna take it off the line

Train, train, train, blow your whistle proudly and loud
As you roll to your place in history, train, train, train
I've got a thing about trains

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