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Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt was born on 08 Nov 1949 in Burbank, California, United States. Her birth name was Bonnie Lynn Raitt.

Bonnie Lynn Raitt is an American blues singer-songwriter. During the 1970s, Raitt released a series of acclaimed roots-influenced albums which incorporated elements of blues, rock, folk and country, Raitt has received nine Grammy Awards in her career and is an avid political activist.

Bonnie Raitt released the following albums including Nine Lives (1990), The Bonnie Raitt Collection (1990), Nick of Time (1990), Luck of the Draw (1991), Longing in Their Hearts (1994), Road Tested (1995), Fundamental (1998), Sweet Forgiveness (2001), Bonnie Raitt (2001), Streetlights (2001), The Glow (2002), Takin' My Time (2002), Give It Up (2002), Green Light (2002), Home Plate (2002), Silver Lining (2002), The Best of Bonnie Raitt on Capitol 1989-2003 (2003), The Best of Bonnie Raitt (2003), Collection (2005), Souls Alike (2005) and Bonnie Raitt and Friends (with Bonus DVD) (2006).

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Nine Lives
Feb 1990
  1. No Way To Treat A Lady
  2. Runnin' Back To Me
  3. Who But A Fool
  4. Crime Of Passion
  5. All Day, All Night
  6. Stand Up To The Night
  7. Excited
  8. Freezin'
  9. True Love Is Hard To Find
  10. Angel
The Glow
Mar 2002
  1. Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
  2. Standin' By The Same Old Love
  3. Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate
  4. Bye Bye Baby
  5. The Boy Can't Help It
  6. (I Could Have Been Your) Best Old Friend
  7. You're Gonna Get What's Coming
  8. I Thank You (Album Release)
  9. The Glow (Remastered Album Version)
  10. (Goin') Wild For You Baby
  1. Introduction
  2. Unnecessarily Mercenary
  3. I Will Not Be Broken
  4. God Was in the Water
  5. Gnawin' on It
  6. You
  7. Love Letter
  8. Two Lights in the Nighttime
  9. Well, Well, Well
  10. Something to Talk About
  11. I Don't Want Anything to Change
  12. Love Sneakin' Up on You