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Empire Lyrics

Here I am with my empire, I'll bring you to your knees
ebb and flow with my desire, cause its all that you've been taught to be

yeah I'm the bastard son of what's been overcome, and again we plant the seed
so place your fork to mouth, eat, consume, be proud of what I let you see
cause we've made quite sure you can never leave

I speak you throw parades ignore the sense of rage welling up inside
Pay no mind to what we do cause we'll sell it all to you in modern luxuries
And we've made quite sure you believe you're free

From the cradle to the grave we try not to be saved from what we own
For next to nothing spent turn your dollars into cents
Fighting for the right to die alone
(just believe… believe you're free) – cause you're on your own
it doesn't matter just be sure that this is our empire this is war
forgotten heroes chessboard roles to make you think you're something more
but you're on your own…

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