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Requiem Lyrics

She cries… its freedom that we need, but I have yet to see a cause to believe
(I need to feel it, please just let me feel all right)
it comes in waves of need, ten ways to make you bleed before you get to die
can we give it one more shot, have we thrown all hope away,
does it have to be this painful just to make it through?
this is not our requiem, we're wasting time as victims
why spend our lives on bended knee, choosing not to be free?
He sighs… I'm quickly burning out all that's left of me are jaded memories
(I need to feel it please just let me feel all right)
of what I could have been if I had only been less of what they wanted
and we're still here, all together, and all alone
consumed with fear that one day we'll discover,
how empty we've become
restricted and ashamed, we crave what they provide us,
so we'll never feel alone
I am now just learning to breathe

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