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Breaking Benjamin

It is a rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, currently consisting of Benjamin Burnley, Aaron Fink, Mark Klepaski and Chad Szeliga. They have released four albums to date. Their music is most often classed as alternative rock or post-grunge[

Breaking Benjamin released the following albums including Saturate (2002), We Are Not Alone (2004), So Cold (2004), Phobia (2007) and Dear Agony (2009).

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So Cold
Nov 2004
  1. Blow Me Away (from Halo 2)
  2. Lady Bug
  3. So Cold (acoustic)
  4. Away (live)
  5. Breakdown (live)
Dear Agony
Sep 2009
  1. Fade Away
  2. I Will Not Bow
  3. Crawl
  4. Give Me A Sign
  5. Hopeless
  6. What Lies Beneath
  7. Anthem Of The Angels
  8. Lights Out
  9. Dear Agony
  10. Into The Nothing
  11. Without You