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Brian Mcknight

Brian Mcknight was born on 15 Jun 1969 in Buffalo, New York, United States. His birth name was Brian McKnight. His is also called Brian McKnight.

He is a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and pop and R&B musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist who can play nine instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussions, trombone, tuba, French horn and trumpet.

Brian Mcknight released the following albums including Brian McKnight (1992), I Remember You (1995), Anytime (1997), You Should Be Mine (1998), Hold Me (1998), Back at One (1999), Win (2000), Superhero (2001), Superhero & More (2002), Bethlehem (2002), From There to Here: 1989-2002 (2002), U Turn (2003), Gemini (2005), 10 (2006), Gold (2007), 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection (2008), I'll Be Home for Christmas (2008), Brain McKnight (Motown: The Collection) [Import] (2009) and Evolution of a Man (2009).

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  1. You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)(Radio Edit W/ Rap)
  2. You Should Be Mine (Don't Wste Your Time)(Mickey P. Remix)
  3. Anytime (Acoustic)
Hold Me
Nov 1998
  1. Hold Me (Trackmasters Remix Edit)
  2. Hold Me (Trackmasters Remix Edit)
  3. Hold Me (Live Version)
Dec 2000
Superhero & More
Apr 2002
  1. Prelude
  2. When You Wanna Come
  3. Whats It Gonna Be
  4. My Kind Of Girl
  5. Love Of My Life
  6. Whatever You Want
  7. Everything
  8. Get Over You
  9. Superhero
  10. Still
  11. Dont Know Where To Start
  12. Biggest Part Of Me
  13. When Will I See You Again
  14. For You
  15. Groovin Tonight (Bonus Track)
  16. Thank You (For Saving My Life) (Bonus Track)
  17. Over And Over Again (Bonus Track)
  18. When You Wanna Come (Ft Urban Xchange) (Bonus Track)
  19. Still (Video) (Bonus Track)
  20. Love Of My Life (Video) (Bonus Track)
  21. Thank You (For Saving My Life) (Video) (Bonus Track)
Dec 2006
  1. Used To Be My Girl (Album Version)
  2. Comfortable (Album Version)
  3. Find Myself In You (Album Version)
  4. What's My Name (Album Version)
  5. Unhappy Without You (Album Version)
  6. A Little Too Late (Album Version)
  7. Holdin' On [Missin' U] (Album Version)
  8. Shoulda Been Lovin' You (Album Version)
  9. Again (Album Version)
  10. More And More (Album Version)
  11. Can't Leave You Alone (Album Version)
  12. I Do (Album Version)
  13. The Rest Of My Life (Album Version)
  14. Red, White, And Blue [With Rascal Flatts] (Album Version)
  15. Don't Take Your Love Away (Album Version)
  1. The Christmas Song
  2. Silver Bells
  3. Let It Snow (featuring Brian McKnight Jr. and Nikolas McKnight)
  4. Christmas You and Me (featuring Vince Gill)
  5. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  6. Silent Night (featuring Noel Schajris)
  7. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
  8. Adeste Fideles
  9. Who Would Have Thought
  10. Angels We Have Heard On High (featuring Josh Groban)
  11. Christmas Medley
  12. Bless This House (featuring Take 6)
  1. One Last Cry
  2. Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart
  3. You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)
  4. Back at One
  5. Stay or Let It Go
  6. 6, 8, 12
  7. Home
  8. What's It Gonna Be
  9. Love of My Life
  10. Back Seat (Gettin' Down)
  11. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda [Main]
  12. Where Do We Go from Here
  13. Been So Long
  14. Come Back to Me
  15. Whatcha Gonna Do?
  1. The Brian Mcknight Show
  2. Justalittlebit
  3. Ibetchaneva
  4. Whati'vebeenwaiting4
  5. Whenurlovinme
  6. Neversaygoodbye
  7. Staytuned
  8. Next2u
  9. Imissu
  10. Alwaysbemybaby
  11. Babyit'su
  12. While
  13. Another You
  14. Not Alone