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We'll Be Alright Lyrics

Been through the fire and didn't get burn
Buju Banton, Luciano come fi teach
Listen and you will learn

The price you pay
And still at the end of the day
For them it's just a lue la lay

We have done all the good that we know should
Spread a little love in the neighborhood
Buju done that, I and I done that
Spread a little love in the whole wide world
And telling my people better take control
We have done that, I and I done that

Well, so tell I, why do they act so strange who
Through mi natty them would a love mi rearrange who
Come ya to speak the truth, the natty never hold it back
I never hide the truth, Jah know mi never hide the fact

No couldn't love mi talk, no couldn't love mi chat
A who a try stop Buju fi reach pon top
Buju Banton, Luciano, two youth them can't stop
Touch it, touch it, touch it star

Amidst temptation, I and I will be strong
I earn my meditation in this holy Armageddon
With love and righteousness, we manifest upon creation
Together we're standing tall

We'll be alright
With Jah by my side

Most people think others cannot make it without dem
No man is an island but I still cannot trust dem
Oh, we have learned more than what they've taught us
So in this day and age, we'll let knowledge take its place

Over the mountains and over rocky terrains
We try to prove to mankind that Jah Jah lives and reigns
He in the heart of man so we must manifest
Together we're standing tall

Put your shoulder to the wheel, go days without meal
Walk up and down, run down mi boot heel
Nuff think I am jokin', nuff thinkin' it's fun
Catch I when I fall

We have been everywhere in the world we could
We spread a little love, we haffe know we should
We have done that, Buju Banton done that
We have traveled the world and we spread Jah word
Tellin' mankind to rise and move forward
We have done that, yes, Jah know we have done that

Why do they think Rasta cannot make it without dem
No man is an island but I refuse to trust, good gosh
Oh, we have learned more than what they've taught us
So in this day and age have got to let us, let us

Cannot move in rage, that's a wrong stage
That dem wan fi si mi do fi fling me inna cage
Take it easy, deh pon a descent page
Yeah, I'm not face

We will survive, yeah, Buju Banton
We will survive, oh, Luciano [Incomprehensible]

Jah tell me dat mi basket never empty
And food mi ago hav it nuff plenty
So mi nuh sit and worry, mi jus a wait pan prophecy
Ca mi know sey God will take care a mi

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