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Doin' It Big Lyrics

The song Doin' It Big is performed by Canton Jones in the album named The Password: Access Granted in the year 2005 .

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who be the crunchiest in the spot
riding on dem bikes
represent yo hood
boy you living good
now who got hatas?
but dey motivate ya
ay who ain't go stop
till you make it to the stop
who making money
so much it aint funny
who riding crowns?
who on dey own
controlling fokes
who ain't no crow
who be the star
let me know who you are
who runnin this
made the ballas list
who up on the game
who reppin the name
who popping collars
who making dollars
who ain't gotta settle
for the first thing that hollas
who dat got it lock
to the block you run the block
who dat respect
got hatas in check
who stacking chips
who making it flip
who doin it lite
representing christ

the name joe aka mr. payed 4
if you plotting on my riches
i suggest you lay low
cuz i could ball with the best of em
ball with the rest of em
you should try to reach my level
cuz i'm out there crushing mountains
while you out there catching devils
and the bigger tax racket
cuz i refuse to settle
my heart was once cold
now its hot as a cattle
when the steam came out
and it made me feel my cup
just to go back in the streets
breathe deep throughout this stuff
so bye-bye hatas,fakas
who stay bucking dey gum
screaming dey sum ballas
but ain't got money for lunch
and cuz dey might fuss
got dey panties up in the bunch
just get back in grafetti
gone and get to me
it's a hundred dollar bill
i got plenty more
i ain't tryin to beg folks
i'm just letting these hatas know
god's people really balling
not just in the video

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