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My Walk Lyrics

The song My Walk is performed by Canton Jones in the album named Kingdom Business in the year 2008 .

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No time for games, its time livin livin aye
Using every gift and givin givin aye
Just the thought of your name is bone chilling
So appealing, my soul kindda got a warm feeling
So since i was a lil boy
I knew your name
All of my family, they said the same
So I called you by your name, shawty, you know king messiah
And all them big names aye
She told me that life was go cause pain
Just get on your face and call out his name
see I can't lie I love the world mane
But I just feel that it's time to change

See my walk ain't your walk
My talk ain't your talk
My slang ain't your slang
But it's all the same
My bill ain't your bill
My deals ain't your deals
But still we gotta praise him
My problem ain't your problem
I know he can solve them
JESUS is who I call on
So guess what, we gotta praise him

My gas bill due, my light bill due
Verizon bill due mane yall know how they do....they cut ya off
Forget about what they do, see ima stay focus on what he do
Well, I thankyou for the phone that I talk on
Thankyou for the legs that I walk on
Thankyou for the place that I call home
And thats enough to get my praise on


I, I gotta praise him,I gotta praise him,gotta praise him, gotta praise Him, I gotta praise him

That's if you love him-hey
That's if you need him-hey
Open yo heart-hey
And just recieve him-yea


Thankyou for the legs that I walk on
Thankyou for the phone that I talk on

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