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Cascada is a eurodance group active from 2004. They are most famous for their hit singles "Everytime We Touch" which won them a World Music Award in 2007 as well as becoming the group's first number one single, "What Hurts the Most" which stormed the charts in 2008, and "Evacuate the Dancefloor" which recently became a UK number one. So far the group has sold an estimated 13 million copies of their three albums worldwide.

Cascada released the following albums including Everytime We Touch (2006), Miracle (2006), Waterfall: Essential Dance Remix Collection (2006), Truly Madly Deeply, Pt. 2 (2006), Truly Madly Deeply [Single] (2007), Official Remix Album [Import] (2007), Essential Cascada Remixed Singles (Bonus CD) (2007), What Hurts the Most [Single] (2007), Perfect Day (2008), Faded (2008) and Evacuate the Dancefloor (2009).

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May 2006
  1. Miracle (Radio Mix)
  2. Miracle (USA Radio Mix)
  3. Miracle (SAD Radio Mix)
  4. Miracle (Extended Mix)
  5. Miracle (USA Extended Mix)
  6. Miracle (Icarus Mix)
  7. Miracle (SAD Extended Mix)
  1. Big Boom Bang (Cascada Remix Extended) - Zane And Foster
  2. 7 Years And 50 Days (Cascada Vs. Plazmatek Remix) - Groove Coverage
  3. The Love You Promised (Cascada Remix) - The Usual Suspects
  4. I Will Believe It (Cascada Remix) - Siria
  5. Tomorrow (Cascada Extended Remix) - Dyce
  6. Little Star (Cascada Remix) - Lazard
  7. Rock (Cascada Vs. Tune Up! Remix) - M.Y.C.
  8. Hurricane (Cascada Remix) - Alex Megane
  9. Can I Get A Witness (Cascada Vs. Tune Up! Remix) - Rob Mayth
  10. Maggic Summer Night (Cascada Vs. Plazmatek Remix) - DJ Klubbingman
  11. Bom Bom-Suenan (Cascada Remix) - Freddy Fader meets Locana
  12. I Can't Stand It (Cascada Remix) - Danielle Paris
  1. Radio Edit
  2. Album Version
  3. Club Mix
  4. Styles & Breeze Remix
  5. Thomas Gold Remix
  6. Dj Bomba & El Senor Remix
  7. Frisco Remix
  1. Truly Madly Deeply (UK Club Mix)
  2. Truly Madly Deeply
  3. Truly Madly Deeply (Thomas Gold Radio Edit)
  4. Truly Madly Deeply (Tune Up! Radio Edit)
  5. Truly Madly Deeply (Thomas Gold Remix)
  6. Truly Madly Deeply (UK Club Mix)
  7. Truly Madly Deeply (Tune Up! Remix)
  8. Truly Madly Deeply (Styles & Breeze Remix)
  9. Truly Madly Deeply (DJ Bomba & El Senor Remix)
  10. Truly Madly Deeply (Frisco Remix)
  1. Ready for Love [Club Mix]
  2. One More Night [Dan Winter Remix]
  3. Love Again [Rob Mayth Remix]
  4. Miracle [Alex M Remix]
  5. Can't Stop the Rain [Club Mix]
  6. Ready for Love [Italo Brothers Remix]
  7. One More Night [Club Mix]
  8. Love Again [Club Mix]
  9. Miracle [U.S. Remix]
  10. Can't Stop the Rain [Mainfield Remix]
  11. A Neverending Dream [Ivan Fillini Remix]
  12. Ready for Love [Klubbingman Remix]
  13. Wouldn't It Be Good [Club Mix]
  14. Everytime We Touch [Candlelight Ballad Mix]
  15. Everytime We Touch [Club Mix]
  16. How Do You Do [Verano Remix]
  17. A Neverending Dream [the Real Booty Babes Remix]
  18. Bad Boy [Central Seven Remix]
  19. Miracle [Club Mix]
  20. How Do You Do [Tune Up! Remix]
  21. A Neverending Dream [Club Mix]
  22. Bad Boy [Club Mix]
  23. Everytime We Touch [Rocco vs. Bass-T Remix]
  24. How Do You Do [Rob Mayth Remix]
  25. A Neverending Dream [DeEpforces Remix]
  1. Shut Up! (Cascada Remix)
  2. 7 Years & 50 Days (Cascada Vs Plazmatek Remix)
  3. I Will Believe It (Cascada Remix)
  4. The Love You Promised (Cascada Remix)
  5. I Cant Stand It (Cascada Remix)
  6. Can I Get A Witness? (Cascada Remix)
  7. Hurricane (Cascada Remix)
  8. Magic Summer Night (Cascada Vs Plazmatek Remix)
  9. Little Star (Cascada Remix)
  10. Big Bad Love (Cascada Remix)
  11. Big Boom Bang (Cascada Remix)
  12. Rock! (Cascada Remix)
  13. Revolution (Cascada Vs Tuen Up! Remix)
  14. Truly Madly Deeply (Uk Club Mix)
  15. Truly Madly Deeply (Uk Radio Edit)
  16. Truly Madly Deeply (Dj Bomba & El Senor Remix)
  17. Truly Madly Deeply (Original Dance Mix)
  18. Truly Madly Deeply (Dance Edit)
  19. Truly Madly Deeply (Styles & Breeze Remix)
  20. Truly Madly Deeply (Thomas Gold Remix)
  21. Truly Madly Deeply (Tune Up! Remix)
  22. Truly Madly Deeply (Tune Up! Edit)
  1. What Hurts The Most (Radio Mix U.S.)
  2. What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit)
  3. What Hurts The Most (Topmodelz Radio Edit)
  4. What Hurts The Most (Yanou's Candlelight Mix)
  5. What Hurts The Most (Club Mix)
  6. What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill Remix)
  7. What Hurts The Most (Topmodelz Remix)
  8. What Hurts The Most (K-Klass Remix)
  9. What Hurts The Most (Flip & Fill Remix)
  10. What Hurts The Most (Fugitives Megura Remix)
  11. What Hurts The Most (Darren Styles Remix)
  12. What Hurts The Most (Spencer & Hill Dub Mix)
  13. Last Christmas
Aug 2008
  1. Faded (Album Version)
  2. Faded (Dave Ramone Electro Club Edit)
  3. Faded (Wideboys Electro Radio Edit)
  4. Faded (Dave Ramone Pop Radio Mix)
  5. Faded (Album Extended)
  6. Faded (Dave Ramone Electro Club Extended)
  7. Faded (Wideboys Electro Club Mix)
  8. Faded (Dave Ramone Pop Extended Mix)
  9. Faded (Lior Magal Remix)
  10. Faded (Giuseppe D.'s Dark Faded Club Mix)
  1. Evacuate the Dancefloor (Radio Edit)
  2. Hold On
  3. Everytime I Hear Your Name
  4. Ready Or Not
  5. Fever (Album Version)
  6. Hold Your Hands Up
  7. Breathless
  8. Dangerous
  9. Why You Had To Leave
  10. What About Me
  11. Draw The Line (Yanou's Candlelight Mix)