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  2. Malcolm's Hermaphrodite Paradise (Gangsta's Paradise Parody)

Malcolm's Hermaphrodite Paradise (Gangsta's Paradise Parody) Lyrics

As I walk through the corridors of my dildo shop
I take a look at my cock and realize its fallen off
''cause I been s*ckin' and f**kin' so long
That even my momma thinks my d**k ain't that long
But I ain't never crossed a gay that did deserve it
He be treated like a gimp you know that's unheard of
Ya betta watch who you s*ckin' and who ya f**kin'
''cause you and your homos might be men all along
I really like the d**k and when he shoots his load
As of now I see myself in the semen moat
Homo, I'm the kind of gay that all you hermie's wanna be like
s*ckin' d**k on their knees for crack in the street lights

Repeat Chorus 4x:
Been spending most my life
Livin' in a hermaphrodite's paradise

Oh ah ohhhhhhhh

They got the phallus which I am now facin'
I ain't never thought I could deep throat
But I gotta take it deep for the hermies
Too much d**kie s*ckin' got me chasin' police
I'm an ugly lookin' hermie with penis on the mind
Got a 10ft rubber dildo, and some sperm in my eye
I'm a low down dirty homo trippin' faggot
And when the hermies go down I don't wanna rouse their anger
Fool, ain't nuthin' stoppin' me from givin' them some pus*y
But I live life as a hermie, what can I say
I've got a 4 incher but will it fit in his a*s
But the way things are goin' I don't know

Tell me why, are we so gay as me,
And a*s ram the ones likes you and me

Repeat Chorus (4x)

Penis, after penis, a*s after a*s
Rapin' after rapin', semen after semen
Everybody's leavin' but I don't think I can take it
Take it out of my colon
''cause I think I'm bleedin'
They say I gotta learn how to s*ck it
But no gimp's here to teach me
If they can't understand then how can they rape me
I guess they will, I guess it's soon
I guess I'm f**ked
That's why I gotta live life with an a*s plug

Repeat Chorus til end

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