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We'd like to take this opportunity now to play you a little thing that we learned from Mr. James Brown the King of soul music. Now this ain't soul music, mind you, this is rock music. But it's got soul to it, if you can dig that. And now the band would like to play a new riff they just learned, we call a sockin'-it-to-you riff. And it-uh goes something like this.
Alright are you ready boys ?
Let me hear you do it one time just once c'mon
Huh! Ah that's it, do it again!
Huh! Oh come on!
Oh it feels so good, do it again!
Alright, come on! Huh!
One more time, come on! Huh!

Now let me hear you do it two times if you can. Huh huh!
Alright, that's good, do it again! Huh uh.
Hmm alright, come on. Huh.
Oh yeah, do it again now. Huh uh.
Feels so good, once more! Huh uh.

Oh let me hear you do it three times now, huh!
Ah yeah, come on!
Alright! Four times now!
Ahhhh! come on now.

Oh, when you hold me, ah
Oh, when you kiss me
Oh, when you love me
It's alright, outasite,
Ahhh! you know that you're just d-d-d-d-d-dynamite!

I guess you've heard all about rock and roll,
You've heard about the music that they call soul.
Well, I'm here to tell you what I've been told
'Bout the brand new music called the rock

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