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Listen Here Lyrics

The song Listen Here is performed by Dave Frishberg in the album named Dave Frishberg Classics in the year 1991 .

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When you’re still do you hear
One small voice, crystal clear,
Saying “Listen here, my friend, listen here?”
Well, that voice is your own, and it speaks to you alone.
“You can count on me,” it says. “So listen here.”

This is you, this is real
This is truly the way you feel
You can run, you can hide,
Oh, but sometime, someplace,
We each of us winds up face-to-face
With that little voice inside

So we hope and we yearn,
And we live and sometimes learn
From that little voice that whispers crystal clear
And we each hear the call, ‘cause it’s calling to us all
“Follow me,” it says, “Never fear.
Listen here, old friend.
Listen here, dummy.
Listen here.”

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