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David Foster

David Foster was born on 01 Nov 1949 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His birth name was David Walter Foster. His is also called David Foster.

David Walter Foster, OC, OBC , is a 15 time Grammy award winning, Canadian musician, record producer, composer, singer, songwriter and arranger[1], noted for discovering singers, Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé, and for producing some of the most successful artists in the world.

David Foster released the following albums including Symphony Sessions (1990), David Foster (1990), St. Elmo's Fire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1990), Rechordings (1991), Touch of David Foster (1996), Open Road (2004), Best of Me (2004), David Foster (2008) and River Of Love (2009).

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  1. Piano Concerto In G
  2. The Ballet
  3. Time Passing
  4. Conscience
  5. Firedance
  6. Winter GAmes
  7. Water Fountain ( Love Theme From 'Secret Of My Success' )
  8. Just Out Of Reach
  9. Morning To Morning
  10. We Were So Close
David Foster
Oct 1990
  1. Theme From The Color Purple (Mailbox/Proud Theme)
  2. Flight Of The Snowbirds
  3. All That My Heart Can Hold
  4. The Best Of Me
  5. Tap Dance
  6. Who's Gonna Love You Tonight
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Playing With Fire
  9. Saje
  10. Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire (Instrumental)
Open Road
Feb 2004
  1. Time and a Word
  2. Hiroshima Hangover
  3. Days of Men and Women
  4. Sweet Maria
  5. Open Road
  6. Great Star of Fraternity
  7. Give It Up Mamma
  8. Look Out
  9. If You Can't Have Love
  10. Give It a Chance
River Of Love
Oct 2009
  1. River Of Love (LP Version)
  2. Walkaway (LP Version)
  3. This Must Be Love (LP Version)
  4. Is There A Chance (LP Version)
  5. Freedom (LP Version-River Of Love)
  6. Grown-Up Christmas List (LP Version)
  7. You're The Voice (LP Version)
  8. Living For The Moment (LP Version)
  9. All I Ever Needed (LP Version)
  10. One Step Closer (LP Version)
  11. Inside You