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  2. Twilight Dementia (Live) (2CD)

Twilight Dementia (Live) (2CD) (2010)

The album Twilight Dementia (Live) (2CD) is released by Dragonforce in the year 2010 .

  1. Heroes Of Our Time (Live)
  2. Operation Ground And Pound (Live)
  3. Reasons To Live (Live)
  4. Fury Of The Storm (Live)
  5. Fields Of Despair (Live)
  6. Starfire (Live)
  7. Soldiers Of The Wasteland (Live)
  8. My Spirit Will Go On (Live)
  9. Where Dragons Rule (Live)
  10. The Last Journey Home (Live)
  11. Valley Of The Damned (Live)
  12. Strike Of The Ninja (Live)
  13. Through The Fire And Flames (Live)