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Fear Your God Lyrics

Can't Get a break
from the things that haunt you
Shelter is
the winds
in the storm that surrounds you
You're all in terror again
oh and you don't know what to do
Don't do it

Find your solas in the TV and the window
your sad
There's a world outside
find yourself staring in the mirror
womndering where did I go
mabe its just the tide

The tide
flows in the ocean and
the Moon sway
Covering all the beach and the towers we made
You can't fight nature
though you try
When you find you're just human
and you're fragile
You will die!

Can't sop the beat
of the drums
of the war machine
and would'nt want to
Can't stop the Police State
if you had to
You can teach anyone right is wrong
and wrong is right
Its irrelevant!
Don't you know That
philosophy here is bent

People live in fear of God

I said The tide

Fear your worthless God
Fear your egotistical
piece of shit God
Fear your lieing God

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