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I Can't Stop Lyrics

Why can't I feel
Im Just to get on
how come I feel
I can't cum
how come I feel
all night long
I want you
I needed you so to cum now

When the music
starts to get me free
you go
"I need you so"

I can't help
I know it's love
It's just the way
it feels ...so

I can't stopX 3
I know It's love...

I can't stop X3
you know.

all night long
cant get enough
I Love you
I know I love you
I know
I can't get enough now

When I look
into those eyes
and the music
and our bodies
my love starts
my heart starts
my head starts

I can't stop X5
I know..x2

I put away
all my tradgedy
& My heart says
"I want nothing more
than you to be
mine forever
ever more"

Head starts
My heart starts
My body moves

My head starts
My heart starts
My body Starts

My head starts
I cant get enough x4

I don't know
why I feel this way
I feel I'm going
insane sometimes
but you drive me that way
you drive me that way baby
ooh ooh ooh
yea hu
I'm going so don't stop me
listen to me baby

My head starts
My heart starts
My body starts


Don't say no now
dont say no!

I can't stop
can't get enough
I can't stop

I know
I know it's love now baby
I can't stop myself
I can't stop
I know
I know its love
its got to be love now
its all
starting again!

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