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Shake Shake Lyrics

Come on Edward's in the house

Spin a tail
What ya gonna do now
break it down
what ya gonna do now
I want a piece of your booty
come on Baby shake it loose for me
Ooh you're so hot and fine
Now girl
ah You
Blow my mind
I got to tell you.....

Baby You got it
I want it
Baby you're givin'
come on
and put it up on me
a show
Like the movies

I like to play
all night a
all ways
come on and show me like the movies
Give it to me girl
Shake your booty
Shake your booty
shake shake shake it!!

shake the booty

Its fine
I'm Loving you
all the time
like this
I know
shake shake

your the rush
God has given to me
I want all here for me
I love Opulent mover
hey bay why such a stranger
don't be a stranger
bend over and give us some danger
come on baby shake shake the booty

give it to me all night long


About to let it go now
and baby you're so fine
I can't hold myself
and Baby you're
not wasting time!
Like the way you back it up
an give it to me
like the love touchin'

mm ha now.....

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