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Edwin McCain Band

Edwin McCain Band was born on 20 Jan 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. His birth name was Edwin McCain Band.

Edwin McCain is an American alternative rock singer-songwriter and musician. While his albums are released under his name, he does have a permanent band, referred to as the Edwin McCain Band. Members of the band include Larry Chaney (guitar), Pete Riley (guitar and vocals), Craig Shields (keyboards and saxophone), Jason Pomar (bass guitar and vocals) and Tez Sherrard (drums and percussion).

Edwin McCain Band released the following albums including Honor Among Thieves (1995), Misguided Roses (1997) and Messenger [ENHANCED CD] (1999).

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  1. Wish In This World
  2. Beautiful Life
  3. Promise Of You
  4. Ghosts Of Jackson Square
  5. I Could Not Ask For More
  6. Do Your Thing
  7. Prayer To St. Peter
  8. Go Be Young
  9. Anything Good About Me
  10. Sign On The Door
  11. See Off This Mountain
  12. I'll Be