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Eiffel 65

Eiffel 65 was a Grammy-nominated Italian electronic dance three-piece group, formed in the late 1990s and best known for their international hit "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". Eiffel 65 achieved moderate success in the U.S. Europop peaked in the top five on the Billboard 200, and sold over two million units.

Eiffel 65 released the following albums including Europop (1999), Blue (1999), Too Much of Heaven (2000), Lucky 65 (2001), Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) (2004), Move Yor Body (2006) and Contact! (2010).

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Dec 1999
  1. Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Blue Ice Pop Radio Edit]
  2. Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Mix]
  3. Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Mix]
  4. Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Mix]
  5. Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Instrumental][Mix] Listen
  6. Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Mix]
  1. Too Much Of Heaven (Radio Version)
  2. Too Much Of Heaven (album Mix)
  3. Hyperlink (Deep Down)
Lucky 65
Oct 2001
  1. Lucky (In My Life) (Radio Cut)
  2. Lucky (In My Life) (Gabry Ponte Club Mix)
  3. Lucky (In My Life) (Ice Pop Extended Mix)
  4. Lucky (In My Life) (Burn Down Da House Cut)
  5. Lucky (In My Life) (Under Deal Trance Mix)
  6. Lucky (In My Life) (DJ Vortronik)
Move Yor Body
Jun 2006
  1. Move Your Body (Dj Gabry Ponte Original Radio Edit)
  2. Move Your Body (Dj Gabry Ponte Original Club Mix)
  3. Move Your Body (Dj Gabry Ponte Speed Cut Radio)
  4. Move Your Body (Dj Gabry Ponte Speed Cut)
  5. Move Your Body (Dj Gabry Ponte Original Video Edit)
  6. Move Your Body (Casinò Machine Paris Dub)
  7. Move Your Body (Dj Gregory Kolla & Alex X Funk Claywork Mix)
  8. Move Your Body (Roby Molinaro Forge Edit)