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Everything But the Girl

Everything but the Girl (EBTG) is a two-person English band formed in Hull during 1982, consisting of lead singer and occasional guitarist Tracey Thorn (born 26 September 1962) and guitarist, keyboardist, and singer Ben Watt (born 6 December 1962).Watt and Thorn are also a couple.

Everything But the Girl released the following albums including The Language of Life (1990), Idlewild (1990), Worldwide (1991), Acoustic (1992), The Best Of Everything But The Girl (1993), Amplified Heart (1994), Love Not Money (1995), Everything But the Girl (1995), Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (1995), Walking Wounded (1996), Eden (1998), Temperamental (1999), Back to Mine (2001), Like the Deserts Miss the Rain (2003), Adapt or Die: Ten Years of Remixes (2005) and Platinum Collection (2006).

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Back to Mine
May 2001
  1. Friends and Enemies
  2. All Alone (No One to Be With)
  3. Bayou
  4. Stars All Seem to Weep
  5. Flow
  6. Cascades of Color
  7. Do It Now
  8. Wonderful Life
  9. To Cry About
  10. Silent Treatment
  11. Funky for You
  12. Someday We'll All Be Free
  1. Corcovado -- Knee Deep Remix/Ben Watt Vocal Re-edit