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FM Static

FM Static is a two-piece Toronto-based pop punk band currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records. The band was started as a side project by Thousand Foot Krutch frontman Trevor McNevan, and drummer Steve Augustine. The original lineup included John Bunner on guitar and Justin Smith on bass.

FM Static released the following albums including What Are You Waiting For? (2003), Critically Ashamed (2006), Fangs! (2009) and FM Static (2009).

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  1. 3 Day
  2. Crzy Mry
  3. Something (To Believe In)
  4. Definately (Alt Voc)
  5. Donna 1
  6. Days
  7. Hold Me
  8. Notion
  9. October
  10. Stereo 1
  11. FM Static Hey Now Master Mix
Mar 2009
  1. A Colour Eoptian
  2. Lotus And The Languorous
  3. Streams Of Woe At Acheron
  4. Magician Reversed
  5. Golden Arrows
  6. The King's Garden
  7. Panic And Geo-Primaries
  8. The Moonn And Sixpence
  9. Goddess Of The Dayspring, Am I
  10. The Sidewinder Flux
  11. The Chilling Alpine Adventure
  12. Swimming Towards Propellers
FM Static
Apr 2009
  1. Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook
  2. The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside
  3. Boy Meets Girl (And Vice Versa)
  4. Sometimes You Can Forget Who You Are
  5. Man Watcha Doin?
  6. The Voyage Of Beliefs (Feat. Tricia From Superchick)
  7. Her Father's Song
  8. Take Me As I Am
  9. Dear God
  10. The Shindig (Off To College)