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Encore Et Encore Lyrics

You left me never knowin'
If we could have been
Though i'm alone and lonely
It feels like a spotlight is on me .
I stop breathing again and again
Cause i don't want to feel the pain
It feels like my ankles and my wrists are tied up
Cause i can't find the strenght to give up.
I hear my heart pounding
And it's just the beginning
Like the wind broke my window
The cold is in and never stops to grow,
This moment in time keeps growing
And by now i fear the neighbors door slaming.
I sit on my hallway floor
Cause i'm afraid if i walk around i'll see me in a mirror
A minute seems like a week
And i know i became a freak
Cause i'm scared of the dark, i feel its stare
And the phone keeps ringging but i don't care
Since you got me at the core
Now every night same as the one before
Any place too high feels like i fall
Everywhere i go feels like hitting a wall
I know i must think of you in past tense
And keep believing there's no chance
Now i'm counting each one gone by, and lost
I feel the pain they cost.
I must imagine you on the other side of earth
Either that you'll never be mine or you're not worth .
It hurts to know there won't be a picture of you and me

Birds flying away, i swear i saw them laugh at me !

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