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A Myth... Lyrics

Tonight our endless hunt begins
A storm of endless flames
The moon, the stars, the killing fields
Only the darkest souls will walk this ground
Shadows racing through the night
Like the hordes of ancient times
Grim faces, hearts of stone
Armageddon, the final war is on

A legion of forgotten souls
An army of heathen flesh
Riding hellion horses
The midnight sky is our home
We are possessed, we are immortal
We are the torment that you feel
Our journey goes through magic moonlight
On a path of broken bones

On a path of broken bones
We are back, forever

Streams of blood on the frozen snow
Howling wolves, in their forest home
Torches burning, in a thousand hands
As we await our ancestors of the darkly sky

Tonight our shadows will fly
Tonight the sky will cry
Tonight the ravens fly
Tonight the final war, the shadow war

We are the northern light, against clear black sky
With armour of silver and helmets of bone
The lifestorm is coming, and will slaughter and kill
As our cloven hooves echo forever

Through endless forests
You are haunted, you are forlorn

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